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Director's Blog - 1.0

Welcome to The Director's Blog. We (well, I) have added this to our communications tools as a way to serve as a "one-stop" place to find information we've shared to our club members.

In full disclosure, many of these posts (including the first one) will likely be nothing more than a modified version of a club-wide e-mail/announcement that is made. But, you will also see the occasional note from me as the circumstances dictate or I feel the need to share.

I hope this helps with allowing all of our members to get a better pulse on The OC activities, especially those outside of just your individual team(s).

As always, I am welcome to constructive feedback (both good or not-so-good).



Director, The OC

------FW: Nov 27, 2018------

I need to thank all of you again for your patience while we've slowly been preparing for the upcoming season.

The slow pace hasn't been intentional, but rather a result of the significant growth The OC has experienced.  As a matter of fact, with the verbal commitment of 2 more boys volleyball players in our Marvel (boys) program, The OC will officially double in size from last season (5 teams in 2017-18, 10 teams this season).  Until our staff can figure out how to clone themselves, it's just taking extra time (more work with same personnel :-)

While the administrative staff chips away at all of the behind-the-scenes work, here are some updates for you.


Practices for the boys teams have already begun.  Practices for the girls teams begin this week.You can see your practice schedules by going to our website.

Under the "Calendar" menu, click on the team calendar for your schedule. Please note.......not everything is finalized for the entire season yet, but most of the info/dates through mid-December should be updated and correct.  (Still on the admin to-do list).


Most info for all of our teams is now on our website.  Look for the "Teams" menu. As mentioned earlier, if anyone has significant scheduling conflicts with the tournaments posted for your teams, we need to know ASAP.

We have been accepted in most of the events already listed, but some changes may be possible.  Please note that we may not be able to accommodate everyone's conflicts, but we will do the best we reasonably can.


The OC uses TeamUp for our online calendar.  It is a pretty user-friendly site once familiar with it. It also allows people to sync a team calendar to your smartphone or other online calendar apps/services.


Our teams will be using GroupMe as our group texting/communication service for 2018-19. Several teams already have it in place, and the others should be up and running this week.  If a player/parent wishes to be included in the GroupMe for their team(s), make sure to let your head coaches know.


The OC tries to offer a limited # of optional fundraisers each year for our CAP program.  One of the fundraisers can also serve as an individual player fundraiser.  Fundraisers planned (or tentatively planned for 2018-19) include.

*** CAP Apparel Fundraiser - Each season, The OC picks out a special items for players to order.  This season, we have a ladies Mizuno pullover available. We also have a few limited items from our previous seasons.  Our items from previous season are solely "while supplies last" and also "first-come, first-served".  We've also indicated the # of items left in each size as of November 1st. We don't have any mens/boys items yet for 2018-19, but will continue to look and keep you posted.

***Serv-A-Thon - Serv-A-Thon is tentatively scheduled for mid-December (more details coming soon). The Serv-A-Thon is a fundraiser that players and families may use to raise funds to cover some of their own club fees.

***The OC Store - The OC Store has general apparel available for purchase.  Most items are in-stock now.  If ordering from the store, simply place your order online (but no payments required at time of ordering).  We will deliver items and collect payment at an upcoming practice once items are ready for delivery. Go to our website and look under the "Gear" menu.

***Another fundraiser may be announce in the near future.  More details as they are available.

Again, thanks for your patience as we prepare for a great season.  Thanks to all of your for choosing to be a part of The OC this season.

David Director, The OC

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