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The "OC"

So, a very brief post from the Director today.

One of the most popular questions we've gotten from volleyball folks in this, our 3rd season....

- What does "The OC" stand for?

And there are a lot of popular and educated guesses, summarized easiest by the following....

- The "O" must stand for either (1) Oklahoma or (2) Owasso.

- The "C" must stand for either (1) Claremore or (2) Collinsville.

It's a great question, and to be honest, it's one that we as a club never really defined. When naming our club, we wanted something that was unique, represented our area, and didn't have a 19-letter abbreviation (paperwork friendly always is a plus :-)

We even have "The OC Volleyball Club" in our logo.

The reality is, you can probably safely say that the "O" represents both our state, and multiple cities (Owasso, Oologah, etc.) in the NE-Tulsa area that begin with an "O". We do have an Owasso "presence", as our Marvel (boys) teams currently practice in Owasso. The "C" thus can represent all of the local cities that start with that letter (Claremore, Collinsville, Catoosa, etc.). And yes, we also have a presence in Claremore (indoor girls teams currently practice in Claremore) and Collinsville (where The OC Beach teams practice).

Truth be told, we have players from all of those cities within our club, as well as others from great communities like Skiatook, Broken Arrow, Tulsa, Verdigris, and others in the area. And we're excited to have all of that representation within The OC.

So, if your family lives in Bartlesville, Salina, Locust Grove, Inola, Glenpool, Dewey, or countless other communities that don't start with an "O" or a "C", fear not.....we don't discriminate. We'd love for you to consider being a part of The OC. Just don't hold your breath for a name change ("The OCBOGSCODCIGTVS" is not on our radar.)

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