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The Annual Reminder.....

This year, because of our new Director's blog, I am re-printing this note here. It's a good reminder of our intentions, and dare I say, expectations of our club members.

As we approach the tournament season, I want to suggest taking a quick peek at the player/parent contract regarding responsibilities as well as conduct at all events.  In particular, I want to especially remind everyone of this (especially those of you experiencing club volleyball for the first time):
In school volleyball, you often see players score-keeping as well as line-judging.  In club volleyball, even more officiating responsibilities are given to the players.  Players are young (many new to the game) and they will make mistakes.  Some will make multiple mistakes.  Even adults will make mistakes.  Please remember this when you attend practices and tournaments.
Also, remember that our players, coaches, AND parents will not only be representing our club on the court, but off of it as well with our attitudes, behavior, words, etc..  In this and every season, I would love nothing more than to be a club that earns the reputation of representing all of the positive things that club volleyball and team sports offers the hundreds (if not thousands) of players our club will meet, watch, and compete with this season and in future seasons.
We as a club appreciate all of the time and resources our players, coaches, parents, and staff put into the club season to maximize what they can get from the experience.  We ask that sportsmanship be one of the best benefits taken from the experience as well.
David Blakemore
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