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The OC Beach Volleyball Tips

  • Facilities - The short story for this is that the quality and accommodations will vary from facility to facility.  FYI, our practice court in Collinsville is one of the nicer ones in the Tulsa area.  At some venues we will play at, there are almost no accommodating facilities (i.e., restrooms, water fountains, seating, etc.).  Please plan ahead and accordingly for any events away from Collinsville Park.

  • Nutrition - It will be important to try and make sure the players are well-hydrated and make some sensible nutritional choices before they participate in beach volleyball.  Good nutritional choices will be very important the day of evening practices, as well as the day before and day of tournaments.  At tournaments, players (and parents) should pack food & drinks accordingly with good nutritional options for players to choose from.  Please let us know if you need suggestions for such items.

  • Sand - The sand quality will vary from tournament-to-tournament and venue-to-venue.  We are providing sand socks for each participant as part of our program, and strongly encourage every player to always bring them with you (better to have them and not need them than the opposite).

  • Water – We will make every attempt to provide a cooler with water at every event.  We will also provide some cups as needed, but players are provided with water bottles as part of their gear package (note - beginning in 2021, water will have to be provided by participants/families themselves due to current health guidelines).  Parents are asked to bring their own water bottles to help save on the costs of cups as well as reduce our environmental impact w/trash.

  • Attire - As the summer progresses, the temperature will increase as we approach the hottest days of the season (which should be in July).  It will be important for players AND parents/coaches to wear light, breathable clothing to events.

    • Bikini wear - The OC Beach has elected to prohibit bikini-wear for participants in our program.  We should note that other programs may allow bikinis as an attire choice, so we may see other players at tournaments in such attire.

    • Other items to consider bringing:  a change of clothes 

  • Hats/visors/sunglasses – Players are welcome to wear hats/visors/sunglasses as long as it doesn't impair their vision of the ball.  However, I would not recommend any high-dollar sunglasses/hats/visors, as the wind could make keeping them on (particularly a hat/visor) a challenge and thus they risk damage and/or wear and tear.  For spectators, I would certainly recommend hats/visors/sunglasses.

  • Sunscreen – For tournament purposes, sunscreen (or sunblock) is a MUST.  When possible, we recommend application well ahead of time, as the sand may stick.  It may also be necessary to apply more than once during the day for some events.  For practice purposes, we have historically found that most players can normally forgo sunscreen for most of our evening practice times.

  • Towel(s) - Players will want to bring a towel to practice, and may wish to bring a couple of towels to any tournaments and/or longer events.

  • Footwear - Playing in shoes, sandals, flip-flops is NOT recommended.  Please be aware that, as with rough sand, there is also a risk of sore feet and blisters if playing barefoot.  The OC Beach provides sand socks as part of our gear package.  If you don't like the sand socks (or forget/lose/don't have them), you can put some old socks to use (though they are likely to get holes in them quickly).  We DO encourage the players to bring sliders they can wear when not playing.

  • Seating/Shade - There is often very limited seating and/or shade at the practice (and at times, tournament) facilities.  You are encouraged to bring your own seating and shade "systems" as long as they don't interfere with play or the spectating of others.

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