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The OC Littles

Youth Volleyball Program

The OC Littles is our youth volleyball program, designed to offer younger girls and boys (10-11 y/o and younger) age-appropriate volleyball activities to both develop skills and knowledge of the sport, as well as a love for it.


With the goal of providing the right adaptation and challenge of each participant's current age and skill set, players will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy the game of volleyball at an early age and continue with the program in future sessions with advancing drills, technique, and skill execution.


Players are introduced to skills and concepts, and continue on the path to skill development and knowledge, with a variety of modified drills and equipment specifically developed to help younger players start to learn how to perform with good fundamentals.  The program is uniquely designed to allow participants to go through multiple sessions of our program and continue to develop their skills and knowledge from one session to the next.

Equally as important, the program activities give kids a chance to have some fun as they work through the program and our sessions.  Each participant also receives a gift (usually a t-shirt) as part of each session.  The gift is included with the program fees.

If you have any additional questions about The OC Littles, please feel free to contact us at or 918.376.3000 (call or text).


Lisa Roberts

Lead Coach


Shelby Simpson

Asst Coach


Gracie Coker

Asst Coach

Click here to register for Spring 2020 session.

Spring 2021 Session

starts February 8th


Select Mondays (8-9 weeks)

Claremore Rec Center
Claremore, OK    6:00-7:15pm


Cost*  $159

*excludes OKRVA Registration fee

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