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Mission Statement

The purpose of The OC Volleyball Club is to provide an environment where young athletes will improve in the game of volleyball and maximize their opportunities to play volleyball at both the competitive level, and at all levels and disciplines (as volleyball is a lifetime sport).


Players will learn the important values of team, spirit, sportsmanship, and hard work in the environment of competitive athletics.   We will encourage the development of skills for players to compete at a highest levels of volleyball they can achieve, and also focus on the physical and mental development of all players.  We will also utilize the athletic environment to teach life lessons that are applicable on and off the court, including (but not limited to) leadership, teamwork, work ethic, dealing with adversity, etc.


The success of our athletes and our club is best measured by the following:  (1) genuine, positive, and persistent efforts to improve, fulfill commitments, and achieve goals, and (2) skills improvement, both as an individual player as well as within their team dynamics.

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In recent years, many club volleyball players (AND parents AND coaches) in the northern Metro Tulsa area have had to make the 20-40 mile trek each way to get to/from a majority of the clubs.

The Owasso area is a vibrant and growing area, and the decision was made in 2016 to give those players and parents and coaches the opportunity to work together to build a volleyball club in our area.


As we build, we continues to look for ways to "grow the game", and part of that goal is to offer multiple avenues for players to participate.  Whether its indoor or beach, volleyball as a player's primary activity, or one of many, we are very excited about the opportunities we offer, and the future of The OC Volleyball Club.

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