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The OC Volleyball Club

2020-21 General Member Agreement


  • What is provided by The OC, and what is expected of our members

  • Payment Information & Requirements (Options, Due Dates, etc.)

  • Requirements for apparel, travel, etc..

  • Other terms & conditions

  • Release and Waiver

Notice to Participants and their respective Parents and Legal Guardians:  Please read this agreement (the “Agreement”) very carefully.  It describes the responsibilities and obligations that come with club membership (indoor) with The OC Volleyball Club.

The Parties:

Parties to this agreement shall include (1) The OC Volleyball Club, hereafter referred to as “The OC,” (2) Player, and (3) Parent/legal guardian of Player if a minor or otherwise financially responsible for Player:

Policies, Rules, Guidelines, etc:

By completing club membership registration with The OC for 2020-21, all parties acknowledge that they have read in full, understand, and agree to abide by all terms and conditions as described herein, as well as agree to all club rules, requirements, policies, guidelines, code of conduct, and other club terms and conditions (available at  Violations of this are subject to disciplinary action as deemed appropriate by The OC, OKRVA, and/or USAV.  I also understand that amendments to The OC, OKRVA, and/or USAV regulations, policies, rules, guidelines and terms and conditions may be made from time to time as necessary.  On all questions regarding the interpretation of and application of any changes, the decision of the The OC shall be final.

Players and parents may also be subject to disciplinary action for conduct from attending family members and guests.  If The OC Volleyball Club is fined or suffers financial loss due to player and/or parent behavior, or behavior of attending family members or guests at any event, the players/parents will be financially responsible for any fines imposed due to the misconduct.


The OC shall provide volleyball instruction and supervision during USA Volleyball (USAV) sanctioned practices, in accordance with the governing policies and guidelines established by the Oklahoma Region Volleyball Association (OKRVA), USAV and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), for the 2020-21 Club Indoor Volleyball season.  The OC shall provide, at a minimum, instructional practices held at a facility/facilities designated by The OC and at times and for durations specified by The OC.  The OC shall also provide qualified coaches, game jerseys, and all team tournament and registration fees* related to tournament play.


Fee and Payment Schedule:

The following payment schedules are offered as payment plan options:

  1. A one payment plan*, which is due by the designated date in November 2020; or 

    • *Note:  A discount of up to 6% may be offered with the one payment plan.​​

  2. A four payment plan, which consists of

    • A deposit (approx 40% of total club fees) due by the designated date in November 2020 AND

    • Three (3) additional payments (each approximately 20% of total club fees) due on January 15, 2021, February 15, 2021, and March 15, 2021.

Should injury, geographic relocation, or any other event that hinders participation in club activities occur, the party/parties financially responsible for the player are still liable for all membership fees.  The OC, at its sole discretion, may elect to waive some fees for members in extenuating and significant circumstances.

Method of Payment:

The OC will accept the following methods and deliveries of payments:

  1. Cash - Cash payments will ONLY be accepted if they are made in person to a club administrator at appropriate times;

  2. Check - Checks should be made payable to: THE OC VOLLEYBALL CLUB and can be given to the club director and/or your coaches at appropriate times; or

  3. Credit/Debit Card - Card payments may be made using the merchant service chosen at the sole discretion of The OC.

  4. CashApp - CashApp payments will be accepted

  5. Venmo - Venmo payments will be accepted

Roster and Tournament Entries:

The OC has the responsibility of submitting team registrations, rosters, and entries to the appropriate parties as required.  Even after teams registrations and rosters are submitted, The OC has the right to add additional players and/or make other rosters changes for any club activities at it's sole discretion.  This may or may not take place on an event-by-event basis.

Apparel Requirements:

For all The OC club activities, participants are required to wear appropriate apparel.  The OC will provide jerseys for all members to use during tournaments events.  Other additional apparel and gear may also be provided.  All club members must wear apparel at tournament events as required by USAV tournament regulations.

National Tournaments (post-OKRVA Regionals):

The OC shall also be responsible for submitting any entries (if a team qualifies) for national tournaments after OKRVA Regionals.  Fees related to coaches, facility rental for practices, etc., for those events are NOT included in club fees.

Travel Information:

All teams are expected to participate in some tournaments outside of the Tulsa Metro area.  The OC, at its sole discretion, may designate travel requirements for players at those tournaments.  Should a player/member not be able to meet those requirements, they should notify a club administrator at least 48 hours in advance to request an exception.  The OC, at it's sole discretion, may approve or deny the request.


The costs that the coaches will incur for out-of-town tournaments ARE included with club fees (up until OKRVA Regionals).  However, players and/or parents will be responsible for any their own costs associated with travel, parking, meals, incidental expenses, etc. they incur while participating in club volleyball activities, including but not limited to, practice sessions and tournament play.

More information on The OC Travel policies can be found on our Travel Info page.

Release and Waiver:

By accepting membership with The OC, all parties (including players) acknowledge that they have read in full, understand, and agree to give permission for the registered players to participate in The OC activities, as well as give The OC permission to (1) utilize player images (photos, video) for promotional tools and recruiting efforts without compensation and (2) include player information (such as age and height, as well as other pertinent volleyball statistics) as signing their contract will serve as written permission to do so.


All parties also understand that volleyball is a limited contact sport that involves physical activities in a confined playing area and injuries may occur.  All parties acknowledge that even with the best coaching, the use of the most advanced protective equipment, and strict observance of the rules, injuries are still possible.  All parties authorize The OC staff to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency situation requiring medical attention and hereby waive and release The OC and affiliated staff from any and all liability stemming from any injuries or illnesses incurred while participating in the club.  If any injury is sustained and requires hospitalization, all parties understand that the participant/participant's family and/or the participant's family medical insurance company is solely responsible for any and all bills and claims that may be filed as a result of the injury.


With full understanding of these facts, all parties state that the participant, to the best of their knowledge, has no medical, physical, mental, or emotional health conditions that would hinder or prevent their participation in club volleyball.

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