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The OC Beach

2019 Player/Parent Agreement


  • Instruction Provided by The OC Beach

  • Payment Information & Requirements (Options, Due Dates, etc.)

  • Other Terms & Conditions

  • Release and Waiver

Notice to Participants and their respective Parents and Legal Guardians (herein referred to as "all parties"):  Please read this agreement (the “Agreement”) very carefully.  It describes the responsibilities and obligations that come with beach membership in The OC Beach (the beach volleyball program presented by The OC Volleyball Club).


By completing registration online with The OC Beach 2019, all parties acknowledge that they have read in full, understand, and agree to abide by all terms and conditions as described herein, as well as agree to all club rules, requirements, policies, guidelines, code of conduct, and other club terms and conditions (available at online).


The OC Beach shall provide beach volleyball instruction and supervision during USA Volleyball (USAV) sanctioned practices, in accordance with the governing policies and guidelines established by the Oklahoma Region Volleyball Association (OKRVA), USAV and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), for the 2019 Club Beach Volleyball season.  The OC Beach shall provide, at a minimum, instructional practices held at a facility/facilities designated by The OC Beach and at times and for durations specified by The OC Beach.


Fee and Payment Schedule:  The following payment schedules are offered as payment plan options:  (1) One payment, which is due by the later of (a) The OC Beach program registration, or (b) May 15, 2019; or (2) A two payment plan, which consists of a deposit due by the later of (a) The OC Beach program registration, or (b) May 15, 2019; and a second and final payment of any/all remaining balances due by June 10, 2019.


Method of Payment:  The OC Beach will accept the following methods and deliveries of payments:  (1) Cash - Cash payments will ONLY be accepted if they are made in person to the club director at appropriate times; (2) Check - Checks should be made payable to: THE OC VOLLEYBALL CLUB and can be given to the club director and/or your coaches at appropriate times; or (3) Credit/Debit Card - Card payments must be made via Paypal online invoicing.

Tournament Entries:  The OC Beach has the responsibility of submitting program rosters to OKRVA as required.  Even after rosters are submitted, The OC Beach will still have the right to add additional players to the program and/or make other rosters changes.  This may or may not take place on an event-by-event basis.  The club members within The OC Beach may have the responsibility of submitting their tournament entries, as the beach volleyball program allows club members the flexibility to choose their own tournaments.  The OC Beach staff will be available to assist with tournament selections, as well as assisting with the entries as needed.

Apparel Information/Requirements:  For all The OC Beach club activities, participants are required to wear shorts or spandex with at least a one-inch (1”) inseam.  Tops must, by design and size, cover the full length of the torso, meeting or hanging below the waistband of the bottoms, while the player is standing.  Playing or practicing in only bikinis, while allowed at some tournaments, will be prohibited by The OC Beach of our members, families, and their guests.  Players may be required to wear matching uniforms as directed by various tournaments.  It is the responsibility of the players to make sure all attire meets any tournament requirements.

Travel Information:  Players and their partners may choose to enter tournaments outside of the Tulsa Metro area.  Players and/or parents will be responsible for any costs associated with travel, parking, meals, incidental expenses, etc. they incur while participating in club beach volleyball activities, including but not limited to, practice sessions and tournament play.

Release and Waiver:  By completing registration online with The OC Beach 2019, all parties (including players) acknowledge that they have read in full, understand, and agree to give permission for the registered participant to participate in The OC Beach activities, as well as give The OC Beach permission to (1) utilize player images (photos, video) for promotional tools and recruiting efforts without compensation and (2) include player information (such as age and height, as well as other pertinent volleyball statistics) as this agreement will serve as written permission to do so.  All parties also understand that beach volleyball is a limited contact sport that involves physical activities in a confined playing area and injuries may occur.  All parties acknowledge that even with the best coaching, the use of the most advanced protective equipment, and strict observance of the rules, injuries are still possible.  All parties authorize The OC Beach staff to act for me according to their best judgment in any emergency situation requiring medical attention and hereby waive and release The OC Beach and affiliated staff from any and all liability stemming from any injuries or illnesses incurred while participating in the club.  If any injury is sustained and requires hospitalization, all parties understand that the participant/participant's family and/or the participant's family medical insurance company is solely responsible for any and all bills and claims that may be filed as a result of the injury.  With full understanding of these facts, all parties state that to the best of my knowledge, the participant registered has no medical, physical, mental, or emotional health conditions that would hinder or prevent their participation in The OC Beach.

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