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2019-20 Tryout Information Page

The Short Version....

More expansive details below, but here's the short version of the to-do list for the 2019-20 tryouts:

  • ON YOUR FIRST TRYOUT DATE, bring your 2019-20 OKRVA Membership Card, Medical Release Form, and tryout fee payment* ($40, cash/check/credit cards accepted, checks payable to "The OC") to the first tryout date.

    • *A discounted tryout fee is available with advance registration and fee payment.  Details on our online registration page.​

  • Have players properly equipped, and bring water or sports drink with them (w/ securable lid).

  • Plan to attend both tryout dates (primary and supplemental) for your particular age group if possible.

  • Most importantly, make sure players bring a confident and positive attitude, so they are ready to show our staff what they can do!


Tryouts for The OC Volleyball Club will be held in accordance with USAV/OKRVA rules and guidelines.  Every player that wishes to try out must register with OKRVA and have a valid 2019-20 OKRVA membership and number before being allowed to participate in tryouts.


Please note:  2018-19 OKRVA memberships are NOT vaild for 2019 tryouts, regardless of the expiration date listed.

The OC tryout fee includes all eligible tryout dates for our club.  You will be able to expedite the tryout registration process by completing the registration paperwork online or by printing off the registration form ahead and completing the non-staff sections as appropriate.  Payment of the tryout fee should be made prior to the beginning of tryouts.

Tryouts are expected to last about 1.5-2 hours, which will include a brief meeting with players and their parents/guardians to give some general information to you.  We suggest players be prepared before hitting the floor for any tryouts with a good night's sleep, proper nutrition and hydration both before and after tryouts, and a positive attitude.

2019 Tryout Dates

All tryouts scheduled for either

  • Claremore Rec Center,

    • 595 Veterans Parkway, Claremore


  • Owasso 8th Grade Center

    • 13901 E 86th St N, Owasso

First/Primary Tryout Dates

(at Claremore Rec Center)

  • 12 & under - 10/1 (Tue), 6:30-8:30pm

  • 13s - 10/8 (Tue), 6-8pm

  • 14s - 10/12 (Sat), 6-8pm

  • 15s - 10/27 (Sun), 1-3pm

  • 16s - 10/27 (Sun), 1-3pm

  • 17s - 10/27 (Sun), 4-6pm

  • 18s - 10/27 (Sun), 4-6pm

Second/Supplemental Tryout Dates

(at Owasso 8th Grade Center unless noted)

  • **12 & under** - 10/8 (Tue) - 6-8pm

    • **10/8 tryout @ Claremore Rec Center**​​

  • **13s** - 10/12 (Sat), 6-8pm

    • **10/12 tryout @ Claremore Rec Center**​​

  • 14s - 10/14 (Mon), 6-8pm

  • 15s - 10/28 (Mon), 5-6:30pm

  • 16s - 10/28 (Mon), 5-6:30pm

  • 17s - 10/28 (Mon), 6:30-8pm

  • 18s - 10/28 (Mon), 6:30-8pm

*Age Definition

USAV Age definitions for 2019-20

  • 12 - born on/after 9/1/2007

  • 13 - born on/after 9/1/2006

  • 14 - born on/after 9/1/2005

  • 15 - born on/after 9/1/2004

  • 16 - born on/after 9/1/2003

  • 17 - born on/after 9/1/2002

  • 18 - born on/after 9/1/2001 OR

9/1/2000 and Sr in HS

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