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The OC/The OC Beach Tournament Info Page

The OC Beach

  • Facilities - Most tournaments for The OC Beach are held at Collinsville Park (401 S 19th St, Collinsville OK).  The facility is one of the nicest ones in the Tulsa area.  There is one court with plenty of spectator space and outdoor restrooms nearby.  Shade is limited shade, so portable shade/canopies are suggested.  There is also a splash pad and playground just west of the sand court area.

  • Spectator Rules - Spectators are not allowed on the sand/playing area.  Spectators are also prohibited from actively coaching during play.  See below for a brief reminder of the restrictions that apply to spectators during USAV beach volleyball events.

    • USAV beach volleyball prohibits "instructional" coaching from coaches as well as off-court viewers (including spectators and other players) during most of the course of play.  Coaches are ONLY allowed to instruct/coach.......

      • During warmups (see below)

      • During timeouts (in designated "bench" area)

      • During crossovers (may NOT delay crossover process)

      • Between sets

    • Encouragement/enthusiasm IS allowed by spectators, IF....

      • it does NOT include any instructional, strategic, or inferred coaching

        • Examples (allowed): "Great Hustle", "Nice Play!", clapping, cheering, etc. allowed

        • Examples (prohibited):  "Way to work the line!", "Great Communication and Reads!", etc.

    • Non-players are normally NOT allowed to participate in player warmups, but coaches may give instructions

  • Sand - The sand quality at Collinsville park is normally good.  However, we always will recommend having appropriate footwear (normally sand socks) available in case.  "Better to have them and not need them, than need them and not have them".  Sand may get extremely warm during the heat of the summer and middle of the day.

  • Footwear - Playing in shoes, sandals, and/or flip-flops is NOT recommended.  We do encourage the players to bring sliders or other appropriate footwear they can wear when not playing.

  • Outside Food/Drink - Outside food and drink IS allowed at the park (as long as it's in accordance with Collinsville Park rules), with the following exceptions:

    • No glass containers are allowed anywhere in and around the sand court and surrounding areas.

    • No alcoholic beverages are allowed in and around the sand court/spectator area, and no consumption of alcoholic beverages are allowed by any spectators in any areas during the event.

    • Other items deemed "problematic" by the tournament director may be prohibited at their sole discretion.

  • Smoking/Vaping/E-Cigs - Smoking or use of any tobacco, e-cigarettes, vape pens, etc. is prohibited in the sand court area and surrounding spectator areas.

  • Concessions - Concessions are normally NOT available at our venue, with the possible exception of the Independence Day Classic tournaments (service times will vary).

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