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Coaching Opportunities

The purpose of The OC Volleyball Club is to provide an environment where young athletes will improve in the game of volleyball and maximize their opportunities to play volleyball at both the competitive level, and at all levels and disciplines (as volleyball is a lifetime sport).

The most important resource any organization has is the people involved within it.  The OC strives to bring together a very knowledgeable, hard-working, and reliable staff that not only has a passion for the sport of volleyball, but also one that is willing to work in a team-focused environment that makes each of our staff members the most effective coaches, directors, administrators, etc. that we can be.

As The OC continues to grow, our club will continue to look for quality coaches that can both achieve our purpose and mission, but are willing to participate in a team-oriented environment within our staff.
Those candidates looking for a position as a head coach should have the following credentials:
  • IMPACT and SafeSport Certifications
  • Experience and knowledge in management of game, team, and player dynamics and facets
  • Prior head coaching experience preferred
Those candidates looking for other positions should have the following credentials:
  • Ability to complete IMPACT and SafeSport Certifications

The OC Volleyball Club


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