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Club volleyball in itself will be new to many players and families, particularly younger players.  Here, we will try to discuss the features that we feel make our Hybrid option an attractive choice for many volleyball players.

Hybrid will NOT be for everyone, so if that's the case for you, we will understand.

What makes a Hybrid approach different?

Traditional Club Programs

For most clubs in Oklahoma, the season begins with tryouts (and some pre-tryout clinics/open gyms) around the conclusion of the school indoor volleyball season.

From there, clubs will normally practice 2-3 times per week from November until the end of their club season (early May for a majority, with some going into late June or early July).


Club tournament season is primarily tournament-based, with teams player anywhere from 5-12 tournaments depending on the club and level of team.  Most teams will begin tournament play in January.

The OC Hybrid Club Program

With our Hybrid program, we will have the same start dates with team formation and practices.  We will also start the season with practices (2/week) in November, and tournament play (approx 2/month) once January arrives.


However, our schedule for indoor training and tournaments scales back in March so we can begin a training transition AFTER spring break.  Players will instead get the opportunity for beach volleyball training (great for both beach and indoor players), as well as some clinics specifically designed for skills and/or positional work.

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