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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.  I've never played club volleyball.  Why should I consider it?

There are several great reasons and/or benefits to playing club volleyball, including (but not limited to):


  • the opportunity to learn about the sport of volleyball in a constructive environment,

  • improving and maximizing a player's individual and team volleyball skills with the guidance of experienced coaches,

  • getting a chance to learn life skills such as teamwork, effort, positive attitude, handling challenges, learning to compete, confidence, etc.,

  • making new friends and life-long connections and memories

Many players join The OC Volleyball Club ("The OC") to experience these benefits in a positive, yet challenging program that gives them the chance to better prepare them as volleyball players.


Competitive athletics at various outlets (school, club, college, etc.) including at The OC is just that.......competitive.  The OC makes every effort with our club volleyball program to prepare players to maximize their performance for their season with us, along with their next competitive volleyball opportunity (be it their next tryout, their next school season, a chance to play at college, etc.).

Q.  What are some of the general details of club volleyball?  How long is the club season?  When does it start/finish?  What does it cost? 


The club volleyball season is normally about 6-7 months, and starts after the completion of the girls' school volleyball season.  Tryouts in our region (OKRVA) are normally held in late September (younger players) through early November (high school players) with practices normally starting in late-November.  For most teams, tournament play starts in January and ends in early May.  Tournaments are almost always played on the weekend.


The club volleyball system gives both players and clubs more choices than often available in junior high/high school volleyball.  From the tryouts, clubs can select which players they want to extend invitations to and which teams they intend to place them on.  At the same time, players (if trying out for multiple clubs) can select which club and team they wish to join from the offers they receive.


Most teams will practice 1-2 times a week.  One practice most likely be held on a weekday evening, the other most likely on a weekend afternoon or evening.


Teams will normally play 5-8 tournaments per season, depending on age and team classification.

The costs for club volleyball may vary some from season-to-season, and are dependent on several factors, including age (normally less expensive for younger players), membership status, and team assignment, among other factors.  You can go to our Membership Options page for more general info on memberships and costs with The OC.

Q.  Is it just for girls?  If not, how is it different (if at all) for boys?

While a vast majority of club volleyball players in Oklahoma are girls, boys volleyball is also experiencing growth.  After re-introducing boys volleyball to the Tulsa-area in 2017, The OC now partners with Tulsa Boys Volleyball Club with the goal of giving boys every chance to participate on an all-boys team.  Some other clubs in the Tulsa area also offer boys volleyball opportunities, too. 


And, it is also possible for a boy or boys to be members of a girls club team (in many circumstances) if other options prove unavailable.

Q.  Why do clubs have to charge fees?  And what do club fees actually pay for?


Almost all clubs have to charge fees to cover the costs of operating the club.  The fees are used for a variety of things such as facility rentals, uniforms, coaching stipends, team registration and tournament fees, equipment, club administration fees, and other costs incurred by the club.

Q.  How does "playing time" work?  Is there any guarantee that a player will get playing time? 

The OC and our staff makes every effort to put together teams where every player is projected to see some meaningful playing time, IF players demonstrate all of the following characteristics in all of our club activities:

  • a positive attitude

  • good work ethic

  • proves to be coachable

  • makes their best effort

  • shows up consistently at team practices

All players can expect similar amounts of time and instruction at practices.  However, it is very unlikely that players will receive equal playing time at tournaments.


What players show in tryouts and practices in terms of effectiveness, position assignments, and team success (along with the items mentioned above) will likely determine how much playing time a player receives.

Q.  Can I still play club volleyball if I am also involved in other activities (i.e., other sports/activities at school, church, etc.)?  Is not being at 100% of activities going to be a problem?

The OC will always encourage players to partake in any activities that they see as a value to their character, talent, and personal importance.  Our best efforts to accommodate will be made when possible.

We normally ask and recommend players look at their schedules and see what kind of potential conflicts they may run into with the club volleyball schedule.  From there, the club can determine whether enough accommodations can be made to still provide an effective experience for both the player and their team.  The players (and their families) will then also need to decide if they will be able to participate enough to also feel they will get an effective experience.


Do note that, under most circumstances, players (and the parties financially responsible) will still be expected to pay the full club fees, even if unavailable for 100% of the club's tournament and/or other activities.

Q.  Do the players have to travel for tournaments?  Are there additional costs to do that?  Are there any requirements when travelling?

Most members of our club can expect to have to travel out-of-town for some tournaments.  The actual travel expenses for the players (and families) for these tournaments are not included in the club fees.


When teams have tournaments that are out-of-town, the club will almost always provide a team itinerary for those trips.  Attendance for activities listed in the itinerary for those trips is required for players (but may/may not be required for families) unless otherwise specified, or if an exception is granted by an administrative staff member.  This will also mean frequently travelling to the tournament destination the night before it begins.

More information on travel can be found on our Travel Info page.

If there are any other questions, please feel free to send to us by visiting our Contact page.


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