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Boys Club Volleyball at The OC

While a majority of participants in the sport of volleyball are girls, boys volleyball is also seeing more participants.  Boys volleyball at the high school level is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S.


At The OC, our indoor boys teams are normally scheduled to practice once a week, mostly Sunday evenings (except for tournament weekends and select holidays).  Boys teams will also be scheduled for about 3-5 tournaments during the club season, including OKRVA Regionals.  Some tournaments will be out of the Tulsa metro area and may have travel requirements.

For The OC Beach, boys will have some practice choices that they and their partners can consider.  Most practice choices are weekday evenings.  (Click here for Beach Volleyball FAQs.)

The OC anticipates that most boys participating in club volleyball with us will also be participating on other sports or activities.  Volleyball is a great addition to an athlete's multi-sport portfolio, and we encourage ALL of our athletes (boys and girls) to participate in multiple activities.

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So, why play boys volleyball?
  • Fast-paced and high-flying: Take the best parts of other sports, mix in high-speed jumping and hitting, and you have volleyball.

  • Great cross-training: Athletes playing other sports often transition to volleyball with relative ease and find that it enhances motor skills, decision-making, and muscle mechanics.

  • Lower injury-risk sport: While no sport is injury-free, volleyball has one of the lowest injury rates.

  • Fun: Remember, there’s a reason people play volleyball at parties, picnics, and get-togethers.

  • Lifelong sport: At the 2013 U.S. Nationals, nearly 100 male players showed up to play in the 70 & up division. 

2018-19 Projected Info
HS Boys
  • $995*/season or less
  • Tournament season:  Late Jan - Early May
JrH Boys
  • $775*/season or less
  • Tournament season:  Late Feb - Early May
Beach Volleyball
  • $395*/season or less
  • Tournament season:  Mid-May to Mid-July
      *subject to change
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