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Travel Costs for The OC

NOTE:  The costs for traveling are NOT included as part of the club fees.  You can click here for more information for The OC travel policy information.

When teams have "mandated travel requirements" for any out-of-town tournaments, there are associated costs for the travel.  They will include:

  • Coaches reimbursements

    • The OC will expect parents* to reimburse select travel costs for coaches when they are attending out-of-town tournaments.  Costs to be covered for the coaches include:

      • Lodging:  100% of the costs of the rooms, as well as any applicable taxes and fees (including parking).  Coaches will be provided individual rooms.

        • Additional items such as wi-fi, room service, etc. will NOT need to be reimbursed.

      • Fuel:  Reimbursement of fuel costs will be calculated on a per-mile basis and will account for travel distance.

      • Food:  Coaches will get a per-day diem to cover meals for before and/or after tournaments.  This will NOT preclude coaches from also utilizing the team coolers as needed at tournaments.

    • The costs will be divided evenly among all of the players participating in the tournament.  (You can click here for a sample of reimbursement calculations.)

    • As these costs should normally be known before the tournaments, we will attempt to distribute the cost information as soon as finalized.  Parents* will be expected to pay their pro-rata share either before the final practice before the tournament, or before the tournament itself (depending on when the information is distributed).

*or party financially responsible for the player

  • Team activity costs

    • Most teams will have a team activity (such as a team dinner, movie, and/or other activity) scheduled as part of the tournament weekend.  The cost for the activities are NOT included as part of the club fees.

  • Parent and player lodging, fuel, food, etc.

    • These costs are NOT included in your club fees.

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