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Please note:  Information is tentative, and will depend on a variety of factors.  However, we want to share as much information as possible before players and their families have to make any decisions so they can plan ahead and know what to expect.

Also, with all of the circumstances resulting from the ongoing COVID-19 situation nationwide, all 2021-22 season planning will be subject to change as circumstances demand.  The OC is also continuing to work to minimize necessary adjustments from our 2020-21 costs due to the economic hardships created by the COVID-19 situation and its impact on many families.

2021-22 Teams and Estimated Club Fees

Club fees at The OC Volleyball Club are among the most inclusive of any volleyball club in the Tulsa area.  Included in club fees:

  • Facility rental costs

  • Equipment costs

  • Registration and tournament entry fees (excludes Nationals)

  • Uniforms/apparel (2 jerseys, a backpack/bag, and other select apparel)

  • ALL costs for coaches and administrators (includes stipends, travel costs, registration fees, education, etc.)

  • Select recruiting costs to the club and player/parent recruiting guidance (HS-aged players)

  • Several other miscellaneous costs

Club fees will not include USAV/OKRVA registration ($55), tryout fee ($40), player/parent travel costs, other optional uniform/apparel/accessories, and team coolers.  Spandex may also required.


While we are not the least expensive choice for club volleyball, we strive to budget diligently while providing the components necessary to operate a great club volleyball organization for our members.

Girls Teams

All girls teams normally practice 1-2 times per week.  Teams will also be scheduled for 5-8 tournaments during the club season.  Some tournaments will be out of the Tulsa metro area, and will have travel requirements.  Projected club fees* for 2021-22 are:

Exposure teams - $2595 or less
17/16/15 Elite - $2195 or less
17/16/15 Select - $1995 or less
14 Elite - $1795 or less
14 Select - $1595 or less
13 Elite - $1595 or less
13 Select - $1395 or less
12 Elite - $1395 or less
12 Development teams - $495^ or less
^fees for 12 Development team do NOT include tournament fees

Our top teams in most age groups will be designated with either the "Exposure" or "Elite" names, while our second teams will be either "Elite" or "Select".  Our goal is to have all teams in the same age group play the same number of tournaments (team budgets permitting), though the teams will are not likely play the same schedules.  Select teams are projected to travel a little less, and thus should have slightly lower club fees.  We also expect some of our older Elite teams to participate in 1 national qualifier event in 2022, schedules permitting.

We expect to have at least 2 "Exposure" team offerings, which will consist of the best players that tryout and accept offers to join our club.  The Exposure team is expected to participate in at least 2 larger events (i.e., NQs, 3-day tourns, etc.), and will also likely travel more frequently (and possibly further) for tournaments.

Boys Teams

For boys club volleyball, The OC is pleased to partner Tulsa Boys Volleyball Club.

Payment Options

The OC Volleyball Club will offer 2 payment options for the 2021-22 season.

Please note:  Actual club fees will vary by team.  Amounts used below are for illustration purposes only.

  • Option 1

    • Full payment due in Nov 2021 (date TBD).  A full payment, made on time, will also be offered a discount of 5%.

      • Example:  Club Fees of $1,995.00 would be discounted to $1,895.25 if paid in full at signing.

      • Example:  Club Fees of $1,495.00 would be discounted to $1,420.25 if paid in full at signing.

  • Option 2

    • Deposit due in Nov 2021 (date TBD), with 3 additional payments due on the 15th day of Jan/Feb/Mar.

      • Example:  Club Fees of $1,995.00 would have a deposit of $798.00 due at signing.  Then 3 additional payments of $399.00 due on Jan/Feb/Mar 15.

      • Example:  Club Fees of $1,495.00 would have a deposit of $598.00 due at signing.  Then 3 additional payments of $299.00 due on Jan/Feb/Mar 15.

To those families who have multiple kids on teams with The OC, we will do our best to offer an additional discount on your club fees, starting with the second player.

For families with some true needs to meet the high-resource demand of club volleyball, either due to extenuating circumstances or other situations, please review our CAP Program to see if this might be an avenue to consider.

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