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The OC Volleyball 2020-21 Teams
(last updated 12/1/2020)
(be sure to refresh this page for latest update)
Note - We will do our best to update as frequently as possible.  Also, offers for higher teams may become available if other offers currently out are declined.  We will make those upgraded offers as soon as possible.
We do NOT plan to have more offers out than we can accept (to achieve our roster size goal of 10-11 players).
  • 18 Exposure  (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Lee Johnson
    • Assistant Coach:  Madi Mercer
  • 17 Exposure  (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Abby Piha
    • Assistant Coach:  Kristen Reyes
  • 17 Select  (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Kristen Reyes
    • Assistant Coach:  Bailey McElroy
  • 16 Elite  (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Bailey McElroy
    • Co-Assistant Coaches:  Libby Thoenen and Gracie Thoenen
  • 16 Select  (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  David Blakemore
    • Assistant Coach:  Macy Green
  • 15 Elite  (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Lisa Roberts
    • Assistant Coach:  Zoe Bennett
  • 14 Elite (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Kim Mabbott
    • Assistant Coach:  Lisa Gourley
  • 14 Select (team complete)
    • Co-Head Coaches:  David Blakemore and Tatum Kerl
  • 13 Elite (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Brittany Sparks
    • Assistant Coach:  Macy Green
  • 13 Select (team complete)
    • Head Coach:  Lisa Roberts
    • Assistant Coach:  Zoe Bennett
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